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European Gay & Lesbian Clubbing Guide Directory / Index

with reviews and information on  the gay club scene in Europe cities

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Gaymost info is part of the emi group of travel sites which include 40 city guides for capital and major cities in Europe plus supporting airport and public transport guides, country profiles and  a host of the other travel tips and information.

For several years we have have held prime positions in major search engines for clubbing information and reviews on straight music and dance clubs in Europe in our European Clubbing Guide but in the process we have become aware that there there are numerous gay and a few lesbian clubs that offer and equally vibrant clubbing scene which often has a friendlier clientele.  In some cities these clubs offer their guests a far better deal than hetero clubs.  Equally their are venues with very contrasting cv’s.

In some parts of Europe, especially former communist countries, attitudes to being gay,bi or whatever are very conservative but EU membership has made it more difficult to deny people basic human rights because of their sexuality.   One of the consequences of this is that gay or gay friendly clubbing scenes have blossomed and in some case matured even in countries like Poland and the Baltic States with out the fear of being imprisoned or being sent to the Gulag for a cure.

In some of these countries national and local tourist boards rarely offer visitors to their city details of these clubs as the stigma and prejudice of bygone era’s still remains   This policy is unfair to the clubs themselves and to visitors to these cities who may not want to go to a hetro club. No one should find it difficult to go out and do whatever they want to do because of the issue and problems other people have with them

Gaymost has therefore decided to post the details of these clubs on this site. Our offering is not definitive (we hope you at least find it helpful) but it is a start and it will like all our sites evolve in time. If you want to contribute to this evolution and give us details of any clubs,  bars or festivals you feel we should check out, mention or if you want to write a  write review please get in touch.and we will see if we can help. By the way girls please let us know where you go!

Incidentally we are not just interested in the good clubs as we have a policy of letting visitors know if a club is expensive, or if has staff with attitude or is simply a rip-off. If you go away for a two night break the last thing you want is to waste one them in some awful joint set up to take liberties.

Most of the cities that we have gay and lesbian clubbing guides for we also have hetero guides for (click here for a full list) and accompanying city guides and other relevant features that might interest you

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European Gay Clubbing Guide - Gay / Lesbian Clubs In Europe