Athens Gay Clubbing Guide  Gay Clubs in Athens

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Overview Gay Club Scene In Athens

Athens has a thriving Gay and Lesbian scene with plenty of options for gay and lesbian clubbers. Whether it’s a spot of ”cruising” you’re after or just a chilled out evening with friends, It is all here in the Greek capital. Certain clubbers who don’t even identify themselves as being gay end up in these vibrant bars and clubs and because the atmosphere is often so good they have the time of their lives.

Athens Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

Big Bar, Athens Iera Odos 67 and Falesias Gazi . -  Big is home to Athenian’s muscle-bound gay community and despite being lesbian friendly it is predominately frequented by gay men.  The Drinks are very cheap in comparison to most of the city’s haunts and the atmosphere tends to be rather welcoming and friendly. They host different theme nights with Tuesday’s being a traditional Greek night and Thursday’s are Rock music night’s. Opening hours are 10 pm till 3 am and closed on Monday’s No cover charge. website
Alexander Sauna, Athens Megalou Alexandrou 134 Gazi – This is a particularly clean and hygienic venue which has become a haven for Athens Gay community in recent times. The staff are renowned for their hospitality. There is substantial ”cruising” area. Drinks are averagely priced. There are camp theme nights and events held on regular occasions. Admission costs 15 Euro’s and 10 Euros during the Happy hour 4 till 5 pm. Open 7 pm till 3 am during the week, 5 pm till 8 am on Friday and 4 pm till 8 am on Saturday’s and open till 3 am on Sunday’
Lamda club, Athens Lebesi 15 no website tel no: 30-210-9224-202 – This long running three level Gay dance club has become a staple of Athens’s gay club scene. Their ground floor is no different to any other club in the city but their Basement darkroom has produced many erotic tales over the years. Drink prices are a little extortionate.  Their music is mostly commercial and Greek. They hold frequent events such as Lottery’s and Drag entertainment. Opening times are 11.30 pm till 5.30 am. No cover na
Kazarma, Athens Konstantinopeloes 84 first floor Gazi tel no: 30-210-346-0667 -  This intimate venue has a diverse mix of ages and personalities. The music is mainstream pop and dance and every Thursday is Greek night. They have a beautiful roof garden which is particularly popular in the summer months and Kazarma has become a melting pot for the Athenian Gay community. Opening hours are 11.00 pm till the last person leaves. and they are closed on Monday and Tuesday’s. – Cover charge is about €3 or €4 website na
S-Cape Army Academy,  Athens Megalou Alexandrou 139 Gaz i -  The club has a big army theme and is a favourite amongst butch gay’s.  This is a substantial hot spot with  two separate party rooms and an outdoor cocktail lounge serving colourful and expensive  drinks. The regulars are predominately young and the soundtrack is provided by commercial dance music. Like many other Athenian haunts, Their opening hours are 10 pm till 4 am. Thursday is Greek night website


Noiz Club, Athens Efmolpidon and Konstantinopoelous, Gazi  tel no: 30-210-322-4771 This is an accommodating and decadent Lesbian establishment which is also Gay friendly. There is a very relaxed atmosphere inside the Club and most of the customers and staff are sociable and amiable. The music is mixed with Pop, Rock and Dance all on the set list. There are various interesting themed nights and events. Drinks are averagely priced.  Opening hours are 10 pm till 4 am. Cover charge is usually  about 5 Euro’ na

Sodade, Athens Triptolemou 10 Gazi tel no: 30-210-346-8657 – This is a highly rated venue amongst young gay locals and tourists. This one of the most popular Hetero friendly places in Athens. Beer and cocktails are reasonably priced.  It has two rooms which are overrun with hedonistic clubbers on the weekend.  The Opening hours are 11.30 pm till 6.30 am. Admission is 7.50 Euro’ na

For Girls:

Myrovolos, Athens Giatrakou 12 Avdi Square Metaxourgio tel no: 30-210-522-8806 – Myrovolos is arguably Athens most popular Lesbian hangout. The bar is located in a hidden location which has the feel of a small country village.  There is expensive alcohol and coffee on offer. It’s the ideal place to make new acquaintances and learn more about the city’s Lesbian community. They play Greek chart hits as well as traditional Greek music.Opening times are 11 pm till 3.00 am. There is no cover na
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