Dubrovnik Gay Clubbing Guide Gay Clubs in Dubrovnik

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Overview Gay Club Scene In Dubrovnik

It is still very uncommon for people outside the county’s capital to declare their gay or Lesbian status though the situation elsewhere In Croatia is improving year by year but .despite this Dubrovnik is still some way behind  

Consequently there are no strictly Gay or Lesbian places which is a  shame because Dubrovnik is a truly stunning city/ However nearby Dubrovnik there are  a few popular Gay hangouts at the scenic Hvar Island.

Dubrovnik Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

There are no gay only clubs in Dubrovnik that we are aware of,


Veneranda, Hvar – Veneranda is a Gay friendly night club. In summer season you are likely to stumble upon many other like minded Gay club creatures. Venernada is situated in the western part of the city. The clientele mainly consists of young fun loving men. The music is mostly house and Dance tracks. Drinks are averagely priced for Croatia. Entry fee is about 4 Euro’s.  website  http://www.veneranda.hr/
Troubadour, Buniceva 2  Dubrovnik tel no: 20-323-476 – Troubadour is a Gay friendly bar in the heart of Dubrovnik. They have Live Jazz and rock bands performing here but unlike most Dubrovnik establishments they offer  fairly expensive alcohol. The Bar is renowned for its lively yet down to earth atmosphere.  There is no cover charge. website n/a

Talir, Dubrovnik Antuniska 5 Old Town tel no: 091-896-4899 - Talir is a Gay and Lesbian friendly bar located in the Old Town of Dubrovnik. This bohemian venue  was opened back  in 1983 and is particularly heaving on the weekends.  It’s cosy and has a broad selection of drinks including well priced beer, wines and cocktails. No admission fee. Dubrovnik Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews website n/a

Carpe Diem Hvar Island, Riva centre Hvar This is a swanky and trendy bar with an extensive and cheap drinks list. This popular bar is located at the harbour and tends to attract a youthful and exuberant crowd of people.  It is not a Gay club but is frequented by many Gay’s and a few lesbian customers as well. They have fruity cocktails and a fantastic harbour view.  The music is smooth and sexy dance tunes.  They have outdoor seating and a beautiful terrace. No admission fee. website  http://www.carpe-diem-hvar.com/

For Girls:

There are no lesbian only clubs in Dubrovnik that we are aware of,


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