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Overview Gay Club Scene In Leipzig

Probably because Leipzig’s is very near Berlin it does not have a big  gay or lesbian scene in  but this East German city does boast more bars and clubs than a lot of similar sized cities in Europe. Most of the city’s bars and clubs are located in the very heart of Leipzig and so are easy to track down. The people of Leipzig end to pretty tolerant and the majority of the public have open minded views on homosexuality. Leipzig is not Germany’s most glamorous city, but gay and lesbian travellers will not be short of places to chill out, dance and ”cruise” during their stay.

Leipzig Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys: 

Cocks Bar,  Leipzig Otto schill strase – This  is a steamy cruise bar which will satisfy all your needs and curiosities. They have a mysterious Labyrinth, slings and a video room. The dress code is leather, jeans, rubber, uniform or even skins. Entry is 6.50 Euro’s  and the minimum consumption is 1 drink and their drinks are reasonably priced. Opening times are 9 pm till 3 am during the week and open till 5 am on Friday’ s and Saturday’s.website http://www.cocks-bar.com/
X-Club, Leipzig Sternwaterstrase tel no: 49- 341-22-489-55  -X Club contemporary lounge and gay bar. The vibe is chilled out and it’s great spot for forging new relationships and ideal for a spot of ”cruising”. The music is mainly commercial pop and dance oriented. The cruising area is in their vaulted cellar. Drinks are a little expensive. Opening times are daily from 3 pm till 1 or 2 am . website  http://www.xclub-leipzig.de.
Stargayte Sauna,  Leipzig Otto Schil strasse 10 This is arguably Germany’s largest Gay sauna. Men arrive here from all over Saxony and even beyond that. Cocktails and beers are expensive as is everything else. They have all the standard Sauna facilities. Entry fee is 16 to 18 Euro’s and using a private cabin is an additional 7.50 to 11 Euro’s. Music is chill out and sexy dance grooves.  Opening hours are Mon-Thurs 3 pm till 1 am and Friday till Monday 1 pm till the last person leaves. website http://www.stargayte.de/
Gaya Dance Club and Lounge, Leipzig Lindenau Karl-Heine Platz 1 – This decadent venue is only open on Friday’s and Saturday’s from 10 pm till 5 am. The club also boasts an acclaimed restaurant which serves traditional German fare, Drink prices are fairly typical of Leipzig Night clubs. The music is gay friendly. Admission costs around 8-10 Euro’s. website http://www.Gayatv.com


Blaue Trude, Leipzig Strenwaterstrasse 14- 16 tel no: 0341-212-6679 – This Lesbian and gay hot spot is a staple of Leipzig’s clubbing scene. They host several different events and themed nights including film and student nights, drag shows and themed disco’s. It’s  likely to be one of your most enjoyable nights out in the city. The Music varies depending on the events from Disco to dance and Pop. Drink prices are thoroughly reasonable with fruity cocktails and delectable finger food on offer, Blaue Trude offers something for everyone. Opening times are 10 pm till 4 am. No cover charge.website n/a
Richy, Leipzig Universistatssttsrase 18 tel no: 49-341-30855-15 – This is a small Gay bar which is hetero friendly and conveniently located in Leipzig city centre. The music is mostly Gay dance and disco anthems played by the club’s resident DJ’s. Drinks are averagely priced.  Opening hours are daily from 7 pm till late.  No cover charge. website http://www.facebook.com/pages/Richy-Gaybar/168836509848095?sk=app_106878476015645

For Girls:

There are no lesbian only clubs in Leipzig that we are aware of,

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