Sarajevo Gay Clubbing Guide  Gay Clubs in Sarajevo

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Overview Gay Club Scene In Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and with a Population of around 400,000 is Bosnia’s most modern city. There are scant options available for gay clubbers perhaps due to outdated views on homosexuality that are still held by most of  the Bosnian authorities. Like the predominately straight venues gay nightclubs have an upbeat vibe and cheap booze.


Sarajevo Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

Cotton Club,  Sarajevo, Dom Armije, Branilica 412 tel no: 47033-678  -  The crowd consists mostly young and promiscuous guys. They have a notorious dark room which is the scene of many a ”Cruising adventure.” Cotton is allegedly Sarajevo’s first gay club. Drink prices are very reasonable. the music is mostly Gay anthems and dance/disco music. No info on entry fee. Open from 10 pm till very late. website n/a


Podroom,  Sarajevo Zelenhi Beretki 12 71000 – Podroom is  a Gay friendly Nightclub in central Sarajevo. Revered Local DJ’s such as  DJ Borka and DJ Tarkan  perform at Podroom on a regular basis. The eclectic music line up includes Funk, soul Hip Hop and Break beats. This all encompassing club has a healthy mix of Heterosexuals, Gay’s and Lesbians. Drink prices are reasonable. Opening hours are 10 pm till 2 am on most nights. Cover charge of around 2-5 Euro’s. website

 Music Club Premium, Sarajevo, Dr. Mustafe Pintola BB  tel no: 0336- 39580 –  The imaginatively named Music Club attracts a diverse range of Gay men of all different ages and is Lesbian friendly. The vibe here is generally pretty positive. They play local and Classical music. It’s a small venue with a capacity of 300 people and a beautiful garden which people use in the summer time. Open all day. Entry  3-6 KM. website

The Bar,  Sarajevo Titiva 7 tel no: 387-33-061-237-059 The Bar in Sarajevo is a Gay and lesbian friendly venue. There is a diverse range of ages and different types of music with everything from Deep House  to commercial Disco music. The bar also offers a diverse and fairly inexpensive food menu. Half a litre of beer will cost you around 2 Euro’s.  Opening hours are 11 pm till 2 am. There is  No cover charge. website n/a

For Girls:

There are no lesbian only clubs in Sarajevo that we are aware of,

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European Gay Clubbing Guide - Gay / Lesbian Clubs In Europe