Skopje Gay Clubbing Guide  Gay Clubs in Skopje

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Overview Gay Club Scene In Skopje

The gay scene in Skopje is by no means large but is growing slowly. There is one official Gay lesbian club in the city but other joints which are Gay friendly.

Despite homosexuality being legalized Gay men have been target by homophobic police officers and ignorant members of society who have been conditioned to believe that their lifestyle is abhorrent.

Skopje Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

#For Guys:

There are no gay only clubs in Skopje that we are aware of,


New Age, Skopje Kosta Sakov 9 New Town tel no: 02-311-7559 – New Age is a Gay friendly Bohemian  establishment located in central Skopje. They have a lovely terrace with a beautiful garden where open minded party animals enjoy the company of like minded people. The clientele consists of a broad range of ages and sexualities. Beer is averagely priced and the music is mostly commercial and upbeat Dance music. Opening times are 10 pm till 3 am. website n/a

Why Not Bar [Dupka] Skopje Partizanska no.3  Why Not is a little dingy but being one of the few Gay joints in Skopje it does become heaving especially on weekend nights. They attracts all types of Gay’s and Lesbian of all different ages. Drinks are very cheap and the music is mostly queer anthems, disco and dance music. website n/a

For Girls:

There are no lesbian only clubs in Skopje that we are aware of,

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European Gay Clubbing Guide - Gay / Lesbian Clubs In Europe