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Overview Gay Club Scene In St Petersburg

There is not a huge array of Gay and lesbian nightlife in this largely conservative Russian city but the options that are on offer should ensure you have a decadent and sexy night out. Unlike many other European city’s I have been to, they actually have an exclusively Lesbian joint called Tri El. Unfortunately St. Petersburg is not somewhere where it’s gay community feel comfortable enough to express their sexuality.

If caught flaunting your sexuality in public or rallying for gay rights then as we’ve seen as recently as March of 2012, you may end up behind bars after a ridiculous law which bans what the government deem to be ”Gay Propoganda”. You can enjoy the small gay clubbing scene in St. Petersburg, but  no waving of pink flags in the street unless you wish to antagonise local government and police.

St Petersburg Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

Greshniki Club [Sinners) St Petersburg 28/1 Girboedova Kanal   – Greshniki is a Gay mansion which has steadily become a haven for gay liberation in the city. This night club has many different rooms which serve varying purposes. There is a plush restaurant, an internet video room, A dark room for ”Crusing” and a dance floor where naked young and muscular men dance until the sun comes up for breakfast time. They have a unique system where you are given a card upon entering the club and you must record everything you have eaten and drunk. You need to pay for what you’ve consumed as you leave and if you fail to produce your card you will be charged 3000 Rubles, so be very careful. Opening times are 10 pm till 6 am and the cover charge is 150 rubles for men and between 350 and 500 Rubles for women. website

Cabaret, St. Petersburg nab Kanala Obvodnogo 181 – This karaoke and cabaret club is frequented by some outrageously flamboyant diva’s and colourful characters. If gender-bending and Drag queens are your thing , then look no further than an evening at this alluring venue. Drinks such as cocktails and spirits are fairly expensive. The main highlight is arguable their 2 am drag queen show. The karaoke songs are mainly Gay anthems whether there be pop, dance or disco tunes. Men pay 200 Rubles and women pay 440 Rubles for admission. Opening hours are 10 pm till 6 am on most evenings. website  http://


Tri El Club, St. Petersburg 45 5th Sovetskaya Ulitsa Central St Petersburg tel no: 7-812-710-2016Tri – El is the city’s only exclusively Lesbian friendly night club. This swanky club has a large dance floor and is open to men and women on Thursday’s. Drinks are well priced and the atmosphere is generally positive and vibrant. Its’ women only and there is a healthy mix of butch and feminine type Lesbians. Opening times are 10 pm till 5.30 am. Admission is uisually free. website na

Central Station Club, St. Petersburg 1 Lomonosova ultisa  - Central station is St Petersburg premiere Gay Night club. this spacious venue has four floors, eight bars and two stages in total. The club was named best Gay club of St Petersburg in 2007. They have renowned DJ’s spinning Gay anthems and dance classics here on a regular basis. They have live dance and pop acts performing as well as plenty of room for saucy adventures with strangers in their dark rooms. A bottle of beer should cost no more than 3.50 Euro’s.

This is a highly rated venue with many clubbers declaring it was the best Gay club experience they’ve had in St Petersburg. Open minded heterosexuals are also welcome here. Opening times are 6 pm till 6 am. Admission before midnight is free and afterwards is 100-300 rubles. website

For Girls:

There are no lesbian only clubs in St Petersburg that we are aware of,

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