Zagreb Gay Clubbing Guide  Gay Clubs in Zagreb

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Overview Gay Club Scene In Zagreb

Zagreb is a vibrant city with a very healthy gay and lesbian scene. Drinks are very well priced as they are in the straight venues and the atmosphere tends to be chaotic [in a good way]  in most of these clubs and bars. There is a strong Italian influence in the Croatian capital and Zagreb is one of the more ideal Eastern European Gay partying destinations with enough places to keep you busy and thoroughly entertained. Their annual Gay Pride march has been the most successful in all of the Balkans.


Zagreb Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

 For Guys:

Gay Bar Rush, Zagreb Amruseva 10  – Rush is a heaving hetero friendly hot spot conveniently located in the heart of Zagreb city centre. The music is mostly commercial pop and dance hits on Friday’s and House tunes on Saturday nights. The clientele mainly consists of hipsters and wannabe trendsetters.  The decor is modern and fairly stylish. They are only open on Friday and Saturday but stay open from 11 pm till 5 am in the morning. The entrance fee is 30kn which is about 4 Euro’s. website n/a

Global in Zagreb, Zagreb Pavla Hatza 14 lower Town tel no: 01-48-76-146 - Global is an internet cafe during the day but on Wednesday, Thursday’s and Friday’s it transforms in to a late night club in the evening. there are three bars and a sizeable dance floor.  The mood is positive in this relaxed environment. Drinks are very reasonably priced. No cover charge. Opening hours are 11 pm till 4 am. 4 pm till 1 am on Sunday’s. website n/a

G-Bar, Mesnicka 36, Upper Town  Zagreb tel no: 091-234-2103 – G-Bar is one of the city’s most frequented Gay bars spread out over two floors. It tends to get very crowded on the weekends and the atmosphere is electric. There is no entry fee and the opening hours are  Drink prices on cocktails and beer are thoroughly reasonable. Opening times are Mon-Thurs 5 pm till 1 am and 5 pm till 2 am on the weekend’s. website n/a

David Sauna , Zagreb Marulicev trg 3 Lower Town tel no: 091-533-7757 David is a new hot spot in the Croatian capital and is very popular amongst the voyeuristic gay community. There is a sauna with all the usual facilities such as a Jacuzzi, a bar with averagely priced alcohol and a video room to get one in the right mood for late night frolics. Entry fee is around 10 Euro’s. website


Medika Zagreb, Pierrotijiva Cibona – Medika is primarily a Lesbian bar and night club. Medika is also gay friendly and plays alternative music such as Punk from the late 1970′s Uk music scene. The very cheap drinks certainly help to allure party-goers to this venue and the live Jazz gigs don’t hurt either. It is a popular haunt amongst Zagreb’s student population. No cover charge on most nights.  Open from 8 pm till Midnight during the week and 8 pm till 4 am on Friday and Saturday’s closed on Sunday’ n/a

For Girls:

Sirup, Zagreb Donje Svetice 40 – Sirup is Zagreb’s premiere Lesbian night club. It’s a new electronic music club with a very futuristic and swanky design. The club was established by passionate Electro fans and is an essential destination for any Electronic music enthusiast, traveller or local. Drinks are well priced. Opening times are 11 am till 6 pm on Friday and Saturday’s.  Entry fee is around 5 Euro’s. website

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