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Overview & Reviews Of The Gay Club Scene In Berlin

Before the rise of Hitler Berlin was probably one of the most sexually liberated cities in Europe ans since the fall of communism over two decades ago it has once again competed for that mantle and these days Berlin’s gay and lesbian clubs are well established – some are very forward and commercial whilst others are more discerning reserved and subtle  - clubbers here whatever their tastes have more than one choice.

Berlin Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

Most famous of these is probably the very contemporary ‘Dark Side’ at Nostitzstr. 30 10965 Berlin Telephone 030 46 06 84 96. The club, which succeeds the KitKat Club, is solely dedicated to those with a confirmed interest in S & M. It is not a venue for voyeurs and admission is very strict – entry is refused to anyone not wearing gear appropriate to the interest which incidentally the proprietors share. The club itself is quite lavishly decorated. It has a central area with tables complete with accessories a small area – on the side a bar and a DJ area. Offside is a chill-out lounge. Downstairs a former horse stables has been converted into a series of private chambers. The club, which opens Wednesday to Saturday at 10pm, frequently hosts jive events and special activity nights For details see website

Cafe Fatal,Kreuzberg Oraienstr. 190 – Fatal is a renowned Gay/Lesbian venue which has commercial pop music providing the soundtrack to your evening. most who have come here speak of a decadent night in a wonderful atmosphere. As well as hearing the sounds of mainstream pop music you can also groove to German Schlager music. On Sunday nights they host their weekly tea dance which  has been met with rave reviews. Cafe fatal have the rare distinction of also running dance classes. opening hours are 7-1

Cocks, Griefhagenerstrasse, 33 – Cocks is an outlandish ”Cruising” bar in the heart of the German capital. The Bar’s name isn’t exactly subtle and neither is the inside where you will find Muscular adonis’s either naked or in tight swimwear. There is no cover charge at the door but once you have entered you are required to spend at least 6 Euros on drink. This hedonistic hotspot is the perfect arena for Male cruisers. Open daily 10 pm till Midnight. website

Connection, Fugger strasse 33, Wittenbergplatz – Connection is a long running Gay Nightclub which plays Pop and mainstream Dance tunes. There are three floors  including  a rather substantial Cruising area where just about anything goes. The music is predominately Old School House and Techno.  Entry is free for those lodging in the Connection Gay Hotel next door. There is an amorous ambiance about Connection and it’s easy to see how they’ve maintained their popularity over many years. Connection is a men only

Baerenhohle, Penzlauer Berg, Schonhauser Allee, 90 – Baerenhohle is a welcoming Gay venue full of charm and character. The drinks are reasonably priced and the majority of their clientele are congenial. Night buses N26 and N52 will both take you here and pick you up after your night of potential bliss. website

Panorama Bar, Berghain Am Wreizener, Bahnhof 10243 – Panorama is a trendy and sophisticated Techno Dance club.  Unfortunately the door staff are selective in who is allowed entry and one can not applaud their shallow exclusivity. The queue can be tremendously long and so prepare yourself by bringing a long a copy of the Berlin News. The music is anything but commercial and mainstream and more catered for the needs of  its pretentious clientele.  Friday and Saturday late nights are when Panorama is most crammed. Entry fee is a little steep at 12 Euros. Opening hours are  Friday and Saturday 00.00 till Late. website


Barbiebar, Mehringdamn 77, Kreuzberg – Barbiebar is arguably Berlin’s campest and most glamorous Gay and Lesbian Night. The bright pink theme doesn’t seem to scare off Straight clubbers who are also welcome at Barbiebar to immerse themselves in the the positive party vibe. Look out for the unique treat  of the ”Barbie Chandelier.” Alcohol is mainly Beer and wine which is averagely priced.  Opening times are Fri and Sat 5 pm – the early hours and Thurs-Sun 3 pm till the early

Bar Sofia, Wrangelstr.93 Kreuzberg, BerlinBar Sofia is a relaxed cafe during the daytime which turns in to a social hub for Lesbians at night. Sofia is run by a charming Lesbian woman who understands the true value of customer service. Sofia has received many compliments about it’s attractive decor. Sofia is hetero friendly but largely populated by Lesbian’s. There is a limited selection of drinks all at a reasonable cost. Opening times are Mon-Fri 9 am till 2 am and  weekends 11 pm till 3 am. website

For Girls::

Schwuz Mehringdam 61 Kreuzberg Berlin -  Schwuz is a predominately Lesbian Venue with three large dance floors. The club seem to have  a  lack of an  air conditioning system in the summer which allows the club to become a little sweaty and stinky. The music has been criticized for being a little too eccentric if that’s at all possible for  a Gay/Lesbian joint. The prices are average and they specialise in a vast range of thirst quenching cocktails. Schwuz closing times allow you to party in to the small hours of the morning when people are preparing to go to work, you’ll be collapsing in bed. The dress code is casual and it’s an amiable environment.  Opening times are Wednesday 10.30- 7 am and Friday/Saturday 11 pm to 8

Ackerkeller Bergstrasse 68 Berlin Ackerkeller is an alternative attraction best for women on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. It attracts feminine as well as butch clientele. The word that best sums up a night at Ackerkeller is excess. Rock, Pop and Electro rule the airwaves at Ackerkeller and the general consensus is that Tuesday Nights are the most pleasurable.  Entry fee is reasonable at around 3-5 Euros and opening times are from 9 pm Tuesday and 10 pm on Friday and

Barbie Deinhoffs, Schelissice Street 16, Kreuzberg - Deinhoff’s is funky and dazzling hotspot situated in the Kreuzberg area of the city. The music isn’t too loud so it’s an ideal place to chill and talk to friends. Their busiest nights are Tuesday’s Friday and Saturdays when the entertainment is provided by some of the City’s top queer DJ’s. Tuesday has a generous happy hour from 7 pm till midnight. This highly rated venue is run by local celebrity and Drag queen Lena Braun. Expect an evening of debauchery with charismatic cross dresser’s and inquisitive heterosexuals alike. Open daily from 6 pm to 6 am. website

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