Bratislava Gay Clubbing Guide Gay Clubs in Bratislava

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Overview Gay Club Scene In Bratislava

Bratislava is a city which has not established a particularly large Gay scene. The native Slovakian  men are known for their amiable and flirtatious nature. Fresh faced young men seem eager to establish reputations as Gay party animals.  An internationally renowned Gay Porn Studio, Bel Ami was established in this city back in 1993 much to the upset of some homophobic locals. Bel Ami has gone on to produce famous Slovakian pornographic actors such as Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik.    The nightlife options are  known to be scant but the places that do exist are generally friendly. In  2005 the New York Times named Bratislava as one of the five great Gay destinations. Though that opinion is a little flawed you can see that this scenic city has cultivated a steadily thriving Gay scene in its own right.

Bratislava Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys: 

Spider Club, Jedlikova 9 Bratislava Stare Mesto, tel no: 421-0903-75-80-96 [- Spider is a bar during the week but really comes alive as  a camp nightclub at weekends. Its a Gay club which plays Disco and Dance Tunes for their fun loving public. The majority of clubbers gave Spider glowing reviews. Drinks are reasonably priced. website n/a

G-Club, Bratislava Male Palenisko 11 – G-Club is a steamy nightclub situated just outside the City centre. Its a decadent party till the small hours of the morning. G is a little more expensive than your average Bratislava club. Male strippers and professional escorts are known to tout for business at G. Most of the crowd here seem to be sexually adventurous men in their early twenties. They host Karaoke nights and Transvestite shows. There  are special prices on Vodka and cocktails at selected times and  the party is non-stop. website

Club Sauna Expert, Zivnostenska 4 81106 Bratislava – Club Sauna is home to Gay men who wish to chill out, flirt and maybe more. It’s fairly sizeable , has 10 cabins and a ”Cruising” section.  Relaxing Massages from muscle-bound men are available. There is a bar upstairs which serves a decent range of drinks. Mon-Thurs 3 pm till midnight and Fri/Sat  3 pm till 2 am website .


Be Happy,  Panenska 24 Central Bratislava – Be Happy is a hedonistic venue which is arguably the City’s most exciting Gay Party. Formerly known as the Apollon Gay Club,  They have retro disco nights on Wednesday’s as well as fascinating cinema parties and embarrassing Karaoke evenings. Its the oldest Gay club in the whole of Slovakia and so has evolved as a social melting pot for Bratislava’s gay community over the years. It attracts Gay men of all ages and is Lesbian friendly. Open from 10 pm till 6

Barbados Bar Club B, Vysoka 5219 81106 Stare Meso Bratislava - Barbados is one of the City’s most popular Gay bars. Its a small establishment which can get pretty crowded on the weekends and sometimes week nights. Its a cocktail bar which is Lesbian friendly.  The decor is that of a tropical paradise as the name suggests. opening hours are 11 am till midnight Sun-Thurs and stays open till 4 am on Fri/Sat. website n/a or phone details

Cocoloco, namestie SNP 1 – Cocoloco is a Gay/lesbian friendly cocktail bar located at SNP Square. Mon-Thurs 8 pm till 4 am and Fri-Sat 8 pm till 5 am, Sun 8 pm to 2 am.  Coccoloco is located in the historical area of Bratislava.  They offer as many as 120 different cocktails and gay friendly tunes every night of the week. The decor is fashionable and the clientele create a positive vibe and friendly atmosphere. website

For Girls

There are no lesbian only clubs in Bratislava that we are aware of 

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