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Overview Gay Club Scene In Bucharest

Modern day Romania is a blend of strong conservative views on sexuality and newer more liberal ideas. The presence of the Gay and Lesbian population has significantly increased in recent years due to homosexuality eventually being legalized. The first Bucharest Gay Fest was held in 2005 and the community has finally established a small club scene for itself in the wake of a new century and millennium.

Bucharest Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys: 

Purple Club, Bucharest 1 Selibar Street – The striking Purple club in central  Bucharest is  called that for a reason as you will realise when you step in to a sea of purple decor. The bar stools, leather sofas and booths are all purple. They have a spacious dance floor and the resident DJ’s blast out commercial pop and dance hits. They occasionally host live music and Drag Queen  entertainment.  The Drinks are  averagely priced. Open 10 pm till 5 am on most day’s. website http://www.purpleclub.ro/

The Office Bucharest, str Tache Ionescu 2  tel no: 0040-1659-4518  – The Office is a trendy and stylish looking venue.  This highly rated hot spot  has a  legendary backroom where Voyeurs indulge in a spot of  ”Cruising” but if you just want to chill with a relatively expensive cocktail or beer then you won’t feel out of place. the music is mostly mainstream Euro pop and House tunes. Opening hours are 10 pm till 4 am. No admission fee. website n/a


The Impact Club, Bucharest Iuilu Barasch Street 26  [no website] tel no: 40-021-212-0620
Impact is undoubtedly Bucharest’s most popular Gay/Lesbian  night club. They have a plethora of DJ’s playing a wide range of music, with everything from 1970′s disco to commercial pop and Dance tunes. If you’re on the quest for  a steamy, late night affair then you’ve come to the right place. The beer and cocktails are well priced. Impact tends to get very busy on weekends.  Opening times differ throughout the week.  Opening hours are Thurs-Sunday 11 pm till 4 am and they shut at 3 am during the rest of the week. Friday nights at 5 am and Saturday’s 6 am. No membership required and no entrance fee.  website n/a

Queen’s club,  Bucharest Mihai Bravu 32 tel no: 40-7227- 54293 [- This is a relaxed venue which has become hetero friendly in recent years. It caters more to Gay’s and Lesbians who want to have a drink and a dance rather than those who wish to engage in ”Cruising” activities. The atmosphere is probably the best out of all the city’s gay haunts and the upbeat Dance music contributes to an all round fun  night.  A beer is  amazingly  priced at about 2.5 Lei, which is just 0.60 Euro’s.  No info on entry fee. website n/a 

For Girls:

We are not aware of any soley Lesbian clubs in Bucharest 

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