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Overview Gay Club Scene In Budapest

On the whole the gay Clubbing scene in Budapest is a little pretentious with some clubs not to fussy who they let through their doors provided they have money in their pockets. iIf you follow the European cities link above your see that the whole clubbing thing in Budapest is an ideal opportunity to get ‘rinsed- see the don’t get rinsed article on the European Cities Link above -  though there a few decent clubs here, In generally admission prices are high and the drinks averagely price to expensive, the soundtracks commercial and dance.

Budapest Gay & Lesbian Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys

Action Bar, V.Magyar street U.42 Action is one of Budapest’s leading ”Cruise” Bars conveniently situated in the City Centre. It’s well hidden in the backstreets and is notorious for its dark video rooms and erotic strip shows. Action is one of only exclusively gay male bars in the city. Frequented mostly by Tourists, Action is the ideal destination for men who partake in backroom  ”Cruising”. Some may find it a little seedy if they are only out to have a drink and a dance so be warned. There’s a big yellow sign to identify the venue. Entrance  is 700 ft – Opening hours  9 pm – 4 am. website

Alterego Club, 6th District, Dessewy Street – Alterego is one of Budapest’s most popular Gay Night Clubs. Alterego’s popularity and fashionable status does have a downside when you find yourself queuing for what seems an eternity to gain entrance. Saturday nights are the most heaving at Alterego.  The clientele is mixed and for Gay Men on the prowl they may wish to know that the club is full of women. Entry fee is 1,500 HUF.  website

Coxx,  38 Dohany Street  Coxx is an expensive ”Cruise Bar”  which caters to the needs of Hardcore cruisers. This decadent establishment  has a generally young  and mixed crowd. The Club’s dark room is laden with Hustlers, Rent Boys and Escorts. A phenomenal amount of smoking goes on here and so for those who cannot stand the smell or are very health conscious, Coxx may not be an ideal setting. Certain members of staff have been accused of being more than a little abrupt on occasion. Opening hours are 9 pm -4 am daily. website

Gloryhole Club, 13th District Radnoti M.U. 18 – The Gloryhole is a promiscuous Cruisers dream littered with a plethora of cabins and Gloryholes as well as a stage. The Club is a suitable destination for Gays and lesbians who are keen on exploring new relationships or those exploring  brief encounters. Do not be surprised by the sight of sexually curious Heterosexuals.  Opening times are Mon-Thurs 12pm -12am, Fri 12-4 am & Sat 4 pm- 4 am.

Eklektika Cafe Nagymezö, utca 30, Budapest Telephone 36 1 266-1226. Popular Gay friendly bar (no cover charge) that is open every day from lunchtime till midnight. which puts on DJ nights film nights &  live Jazz nights for details see website .

Mystery Bar at V. Nagysándor József u. 3, Budapest Tel 36 1 312-1436. Reported to be Budapest’s oldest gay bar. Can get busy as its small & popular with tourists Open Mon to Friday from 4pm to 4am. Saturday / Sunday from 6pm – 4am


Capella Cafe, 5th District, Belgrad Rakpart 23 Capella is one of the few Gay clubs to provide the customer with a Drag show every day of the week. The show is well performed and professional. If you are bored during the week and feel there is nowhere to go at night then look no further than Capella. There are two rooms for Dancing and Capella is also populated by plenty of straight men and women. Capella is brimming with colourful characters including   Hungarian artists and Glitterati. website

Club Underground, 6th District Terez, Krt 30 Train station is Oktagon – Club Underground is an  Dance club which predominately plays commercial pop and dance music. It’s called Underground because it’s situated in a cellar. The crowd are mostly young and the genders are mixed. Underground plays host to some of Budapest’s most entertaining Drag Queen shows. There is no entrance fee but  it’s compulsory to  spend at least 8 Euro’s on drinks unless you want to be escorted out of the building. website

Bamboo Music Club, Dessewffy District 6 utca 44 -  This Lesbian/Gay disco opened it’s doors in 2007 and is only open on Friday and Saturday nights. They have a backroom which caters to the needs of male and female ”Cruising”. They host monthly Lesbian parties and on the average night there are more Lesbian’s here than Gays.  Their service is often swift and friendly. Opening times Friday and Saturday’s 9 pm to 4

Cafe Ekletika Restolounge, 1065 Budapest, Nagymezo utca.30 Eklektika is a highly expensive Lesbian/Gay friendly venue in the heart of the city. Eklektika is regarded as a Touristy establishment. There are mixed reviews when it comes to the standard of service you will receive here. They have a wonderfully intriguing food menu, their Pizzas in particular are held in high esteem. The clientele tends to be young Bohemian types. website

For Girls::

Vis Major Cafe, Szent Istvan Korut 2, Pest District 13-  Whilst not an exclusively Lesbian bar Vis regularly Lesbian entertainment. Vis is situated north of the city centre. The clientele tend to be accommodating and the hospitality is of an adequate standard. This eclectic hot spot attracts a slightly more mature crowd. They hold occasional Retro Parties and regular concerts.  For more information on upcoming  events  don’t hesitate to click the link for their website. Opening hours are Monday to Wednesday 2 pm till Midnight and 2 pm to 2 am Thurs/Fri, Saturday 4 pm till 2 am. website

Osztrosokk, Ference Korut 19  - Osztrosokk is arguably the largest Lesbian party in Budapest.  The club has a real urban and underground vibe about it. It’s considered the  home of Lesbian pride in the Hungarian capital. They hold Women only parties every month and regular club nights where Lesbians are welcome to bring along straight and Gay Friends of both sexes. website:

Noted Bars In Budapest

Calgary Antik Drink Bar, Frankel Leo utca District 2  Tel No: 36 1 315 9887 This is  fashionable venue which  has a wide choice of European beers including Heineken, Amstel and Czech Pills. This bar is mostly frequented by locals who stay up to the early hours drinking beer and playing card games. The bar is owned by a former model Viky Szabo who is a fondly thought of character in those parts. Eastern delicacies such as Transylvanian cabbage and Frankfurters are also there for those who feel peckish. Open daily from 11 pm to 4 am.

Aloe at VI. Zichy Jeno u. 34, Budapest Telephone 36 1 269-4536. Some pretty good local and European beers here with even the stronger ones very fairly priced plus a fair range of similarly good value cocktails supported by staff who want to serve you. Open everyday from 5pm till about 2am

The Szimpla Kert at Kazinczy u. 14, Budapest, 1073 Telephone 36 1 352-4198. This bar in Budapest’Jewish Quarter (District VII) is one of the city’s most friendly bars. It has several bars on several levels all with tables of varying size and thus welcoming to any number of guests. As Its drinks prices are standard it is popular with locals and visitors.

Janis Bar at V. Királyi Pál u. 8, Budapest Telephone 36 1 266-7364 This establishment has a fairly extensive range of drinks. Music is mostly mainstream from the 70′s 80′s and 90′s.  perhaps a  little on the expensive side.Opens Monday – Thursday 4pm until 2am. Friday & Saturday 4pm until 3am. Times on Sunday and other information is available through their website

And there’s Guiness too!

Every city in Eastern Europe appears to have an Irish Bar and Budapest is no exception. Becketts is one of the better ones, it is not small like many of its cousins but its very lively at the weekends. The food is exceptionally good and English is spoken by all the Hungarian staff – curiously they have Irish accents. The Guiness never runs out – or so they say! Address : V. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 72.

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