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Overview Gay Club Scene In Copenhagen

Denmark is a very small country and almost a third of the population  live in the capital of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a Gay friendly place with forward thinking and tolerant individuals. It was the first country in the world to recognize same sex marriages. in 1999 it was legalized for Gay couples to adopt children – a notable step in the history of Gay rights.

Denmark’s homosexual nightlife dates back almost hundred years to when the first Gay Bar was opened in Copenhagen. The majority of the City’s Gay/Lesbian venues are situated in the City centre, on Torget Street. There is a Gay pride event held every August with queer men and women declaring their sexual liberation. The Bars and clubs here tend to be eclectic and have a fun loving vibe.

Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

Cozy Copenhagen Studiestrade 24 – A popular hangout for party lovers and cruisers alike. Mostly men frequent this vibrant venue. It’s held in high esteem by much of the city’s Gay community. Muscle bound beefcakes are a large percentage of Cozy’s crowd.  They have a sizeable dance floor and infamous back room. The service has been accused of being slow and offhand on occasion.  open 10 pm till 6 am during the week and as late as 8 am on Fri/Sat. website
Men’s Bar, Copenhagen Teglgardstraede 3  –  Men’s if you failed to tell from the title is a men only Gay bar. it’s a risqué and kinky environment which harbours Gay sexual liberation. There’s leather, bears and other fetishes catered for as well. The clientele consists of different ages with mature men being made to feel very welcome.  Drink prices are fair and they are open  from 3 pm till 2 am. Drinks happy hour is daily from 3 till 9 pm.  A Royal Beer will cost you about £2.60.  Lots of special offers on a broad selection of alcohol.  free admission on most nights. website
SLM Copenhagen Lavendelstraete 17 – SLM is a bolshie, wildly sexual experience. There is a strict dress code which must be adhered to, it can be leather, rubber, skinhead, uniform, army, construction or just stark naked to enter.  There is a whole host of specialised themed nights here which you should check the website for further details of. You require membership to gain entry to SLM. membership can be purchased for  125 K [One month] and 500 K for 6 months. Entry is about 50-75 K As well as Membership card and includes 1 free


Masken, Copenhagen Studiestraede 33 – Masken is an entertaining and enchanting Gay/Lesbian venue. They have regular Drag shows which receive mostly positive reviews. There is also live music performed here at one of the City’s oldest Gay joints. The crowd tends to be a wide range of ages and types. Generous drink offers are available. They have free wireless Internet access.  Daily 2 pm till 3 am and open till 5 am on Fri/Sat. entry fee is 50-75
Chaca, Copenhagen 1455 Studiestraede 39 Chaca is a club predominately targeted at a Lesbian clientele. Its located in right in the middle of the old city and has two dance floors for its customers to party on. Friday and Saturday’s has Lesbian and Gay friendly Dance tunes. Arrive here for some fun Karaoke evenings and very affordable drink prices. Open from 4 pm till 5 am on Friday and 6 pm till 5 am on Saturday. Shuts at about Midnight during the week. website
Pan Club Knabostraede 3,  Copenhagen – Pan Club is a Gay/Lesbian nightclub which offers the largest bar and dance floor in Denmark. It’s an authentic nightclub situated over three floors. There’s a healthy mix of music with modern House and Trance as well as Old school Pop classics from the 80′s and 90′s. They hold bug events every month which include a Ladies Night and  the Lefreak Party. Entry is Free to members but non-members must pay a small admission cost. Open Friday 11 pm till 5 and and Saturday 11 pm till 6 am. website

For Girls:

There are no lesbian only clubs in Copemhagen that we are aware of

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