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Overview Gay Club Scene In Gdansk

They have very few offerings for gay clubbers in this largely homophobic country. The gay club scene is even smaller than that of Krakow and Warsaw. These are perhaps the only two Gay – Lesbian clubs we have been able to track down in the whole of Gdansk. Kogiel Mogiel is probably the best out of the two but Que Pasa is definitely worth sampling as well. Hopefully this city will establish some new haunts for Gays and Lesbians soon. I feel for the locals especially who have such  little nightlife  to choose from in a fairly big city.

Gdansk Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

No exclusive men only clubs see ’mixed below 


Kogiel Mogiel, Gdansk ulica kolobrzeska 39f tel no: 48-605-329-799  - Kogiel is one of this city’s few authentic  Gay/lesbian bar and clubs. They have regular Go-Go dancers and a dance floor which seems to be avoided for some strange reason. The resident DJ’s play a whole host of gay friendly dance and pop tracks. Drink prices are generally good.  Open Thurs-Sun 8 pm till 4 am. Entry is often free or around 5 Euro’s. website n/a

Que Pasa, Gdansk Chmielna 101 -  Que Pasa is a straight friendly Gay bar in the heart of the city. The crowd tend to very friendly and it can get quite crowded in there particularly on weekends. Hetero clubbers are made to feel very welcome at Que Pasa.  They serve affordable cocktails but their beer is overpriced. The DJ’s play a mixture of Dance, House and Trance tunes.   Their opening times are 5 pm till 4 am during the week and 5 pm till 8 am on Fri/Sat. Entry fee is around 10 Z0L. website

For Girls:

There are no lesbian only clubs in Gdansk that we are aware of,

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European Gay Clubbing Guide - Gay / Lesbian Clubs In Europe