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Overview Gay Club Scene In Ibiza

It may not come as a big surprise that this exotic Island is spoilt for choice when it comes to gay nightlife. Most of their bars and clubs are situated on the infamous Calle De La Virgen street. Some of the Gay joints are just as extortionate as the mainly heterosexual clubs but there are cheaper and more realistic options. The vibe and atmosphere at most of these hotspots makes for an indulgent and enjoyable evening. It attracts Butch and pretty boy types and the Island is very accepting of homosexuality which allows Clubbing tourists to let off some much needed steam. There are chilled out places as well as outlandish and steamy establishments  known for overtly sexual behaviour and orgasmic sexual acts.

Ibiza Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys: 

Bar 22, Ibiza Calle De La Virgen 22 – 22 is very popular during the winter months. Local Spanish boys are particularly keen on this trendy haunt.  The crowd varies in age and personality but most are very welcoming. Open from 10 pm onwards. Open May till October,  10.30 to 3.30 am.  The Music is mostly Gay Disco anthems and Dance Tunes. Drinks are pretty expensive but that’s no surprise on this island. website n/a
Bar Leon, Ibiza De La Virgen 62 – Leon is a  Quaint and accommodating gay bar ran by a welcoming German couple.  Open every night from 10 pm till late. It’s certainly the smallest Gay bar on the Island. Its conveniently situated in the middle of Town. Beer can cost anywhere between 5 and 10 Euro’s.  Clientele consists mainly of older and charming gay men. Music is gay Friendly and not too loud. Entry is free.website http://www.bar-leon.de/
Bar Exis, Ibiza C/ de la Virgen 57 – Situated in the middle of renowned Gay clubbing street. Only open in the summer May till October. It’s one of the oldest Gay joints in Ibiza and mainly consists of Gay Males.   It is a vibrant, camp venue with reasonably priced alcohol l[ about 5 Euro's]. Dance and Techno beats are the primary musical genres played here. Particularly popular amongst German locals and tourists. Open 10 pm – 3 am.website n/a 
Soapup, Ibiza C/Santa Lucia 21-23 Eivissa This saucy hotspot is run by Spaniards Marko and Julio who seem eager on employing muscular young men as waiting and bar staff. Soap may be the Island’s most infamous Gay club and you can revel in a decadent environment which includes affluent club owners and members of Ibiza’s glitterati. The music ranges from Pop to Techno and Lounge Music. Its most frequented by pre-party goers who warm up here for the long night ahead. Open 10.30 pm till 4 am. They specialise in expensive cocktails.website http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1686019232
Angelos, Ibiza, C/Alfonso XII , 11 – Angelos has been going strong for 40 years now and has established itself as a social hub for Ibiza’s gay community.  Its full of fun loving clientele of all ages. The bar is lavish and they have a notorious dark room which hosts steamy ”Cruising” activity.  The soundtrack is provided by Vocal House and Dance tracks.  Drinks are typically overpriced at about 10 Euro’s.  They possess a huge terrace and are open daily from 10 pm till 4 am. [April-October] website .http://angeloibiza.com/
La Nada, Ibiza C/De La Virgen 10 Eivissa, tel no: 34-9713-11-226 – La Nada is an esteemed Gay venue run by an amiable German Gay couple. Their fruity and palatable cocktails are what they’re reputable for. They are Open from  8 pm till 3 am. They have a terrace which gets overrun by excitable club creatures. A beer will set you back about 8 Euro’s and most cocktails about 10. The Music is primarily mainstream dance oriented. website n/a
JJ Bar, Ibiza C/De la Virgen 79 – JJ has become a staple of Ibiza’s Gay club scene since it opened over 25 years ago. It’s a notorious hangout which draws in mostly Gay males.  JJ is Open daily from  9.30 pm till 3 am. It’s ideal for all age ranges and the music is mainly house and Dance played by resident DJ KAE. They have a wide selection of alcohol but prices are typically expensive.website http://www.jjbaribiza.com
The Deep Club, Ibiza Ramon Muntaner Figuretas tel no: 971-390-847 Deep also known as Deep Centre Sex Club is a renowned Cruise  destination.  Horny clubbers on the prowl for fresh meat arrive here in their droves. It is a little sleazy but what do you expect from essentially a sex club which pulls no punches. They have a fully stocked bar, dark room, Cabins  and a sexy Video Room. They have DJ’s spinning Dance, Disco and Gay friendly Pop tracks. Entry fee is 10-12 Euro’s but there are Discount tickets which can be found around the Town. Opening times are usually Midnight till 8 am.website n/a
La Troya, Amnesia Gay night Ibiza Carretera San Antonio km 5 Revered nightclub Amnesia hosts a weekly Gay night which is one of the most buzzing Gay parties on the island. They have funky Dance music, glamorous Drag Queens and transsexual’s in this unique and hedonistic environment. There is foam to add to the fun filled frolics. Open from Midnight  till 7 am. Admission fee can be anything from 30 to a rather exaggerated 50 Euro’s. Drink prices are also rather excessive with beer costing around 9 Euros and Vodka, Mixers over 10 Euro’s.website http://www.amnesia.es/
Bar Kitsch, Ibiza carrer de Ramon Muntaner 26  - Fashionable and intimate venue run by two friendly Englishmen called Bob and Bert Its a trendy setting which has undergone a recent refurbishment to make it look more modern and stylish, which it does. Their Terrace offers spectacular views of the Bay. Open 8 pm till as late as 8 am. Their busiest nights are probably Thursday’s when the queer DJ blasts out retro hits from the 1970′ and 80′s. A beer should cost you between 4 and 6 Euro’s. website http://barkitschibiza.com/Bar_Kitsch_Ibiza/Welcome.html


Anfora, Ibiza C. San Carlos 7 [Dalt Villa]  - Anfora is an outlandish Gay/lesbian club full of flamboyant and colourful characters. Entry fee is reasonable at around 8 Euros before 2 am and 12 afterwards. They have drag Queen entertainment as well as nights dedicated to Gay Musical icons such as Madonna. Drink prices for beer and cocktails are affordable and good in comparison to most of the other clubs on the Island. Its Lesbian friendly but they are not welcome in the Club’s dark room which is targeted at Gay Male ”Cruisers”. Open daily from 11 pm till 6 am.website http://www.disco-anfora.com/

For Girls: 

Sunrise, Ibiza C/De La Virgen 44, Eivissa - Sunrise is the Island’s only Lesbian joint.  The crowd is primarily Lesbian but also gay and hetero friendly.  The Opening hours are 10.30 pm till 3.30 am. They are owned by Lesbian DJ Monica who spins records in Anfora. The staff are very helpful and the drink prices are affordable. The clientele is mainly made up of Lively party animals.website n/a
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