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Overview Gay Club Scene In Kiev

The Ukraine is fundamentally a conservative country but was surprisingly one of the first Eastern European countries to legalise Homosexuality in 1991 shortly after its independence. Like most of Eastern Europe’s Gay nightlife, the partying is  hidden away in the underground. The Gay scene is Kiev is fairly modest as they are in the early stages of establishing their own culture and identity.  Many Western visitors find Kiev’s gay scene to be considerably more  down to earth and warm then that of other countries once behind the Iron Curtain.

Gay Ukrainians are buoyed and enthused by the presence of Gay tourists from all over the globe and much more accommodating than their fellow  European counterparts. Affluent Gay travellers should be wary of a small minority who prey on unsuspecting Gay Tourists in an attempt to extort them for large sums of money for sex.  Homosexuality is still met with an antiquated  attitude by much of Ukrainian society but year by year they seem to making slow progress in evolving in to a more open minded and accepting society


Kiev Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

Kiber, [Cyber Cafe] Proreznaya 21,  – Kiev tel no: 278- 0548 Kiber is not just a club but also serves as a bar and restaurant too. If you’re eager for a spot of ”Cruising” then Kiber is an idyllic destination. They attract a mostly young clientele consisting of ‘pretty boys”. There are erotic strip shows as well as top Drag Queen entertainment. Unlike all Heterosexual clubs the admission charge is more for men then it is for women. open 10 pm till 3 n/a

911 Sauna and Disco, 10 Artema Vul. Kiev tel no: 380-44-272-15-81 - Kiev is not spoilt for choice when it comes to exuberant Gay venues but this is an undoubted  haven for much of Kiev’s gay community. Its a bar/sauna and There’s a Massage room, Gym and swimming pool amongst its attractions. 911 has become an epicentre for gay liberation and decadence in recent times where men can escape from the homophobic nature of the City’s streets and indulge in orgasmic activity.  They have an extensive Drinks menu and DJ’s are spinning popular Gay anthems all night long. Open from 10 pm till 7 am. website n/a

Pomada[Lipstick] Zan Kovets Koi 6 Kiev tel no: 380-44-279-55-52 – Pomada is a an glamorous nightclub which holds regular themed parties. Pomada is home to some pretty outlandish and camp characters. Renowned queer DJ’s frequent the Pomada decks playing Disco and Dance tunes. They have concerts here on regular basis and During the day Pomada is a Eastern European eatery. The club attracts a very youthful bunch and the service has been described as being inadequate by a few who have visited Pomada. Open 7 pm till 6

Androgin, Garmatna 26/2 Kiev - Androgin is an infamous gay club which opened its doors back in 2003. Their DJ’s play a diverse range of music including American House and commercial  Russian pop. Its predominately frequented by men but is also a Lesbian friendly environment. There’s a wide range of ages with everything from twenty something’s to Middle age gay men. There are extravagant Champagne rooms and a saucy Video room. They have a huge dance floor for their usually raucous crowd to party on. Drink Prices are reasonable Opening times are 10 pm till 6 am. website


Andy’s Bar, Kreschatyk Street 12,  Kiev – Andy’s is one of Kiev’s most reputable Gay/Lesbian clubs. Thursdays is all about the Ladies with free entry before 3 am.  Monday Tuesday and Wednesday is free admission for everyone. They are open everyday from 6 pm till 6 am and as late as 8 am on Friday’s and Saturday’s. The duo of  DJ Dikol and DJ dream perform  regular sets here. Some of the club’s musical choices have been met with fierce criticism by certain customers. Most clubbers arrive here very late  and party till breakfast –

Stary, Kiev Krecshatyk 52 - Stary is a more laid back venue. It’s a tiny bar which is more Gay friendly than it is predominately gay. Those looking for a chilled out evening where they can hear themselves converse will find Stary as  a suitable alternative to the likes of the more boisterous Kiber and Androgin. The place entices a broad range of ages and personalities. Opening times are 11 am till 2 pm. website n/a

For Girls

There are no lesbian ony clubs in Kiev that we are aware of

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