Krakow Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

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Krakow Clubbing Overview

To say that this country has a slightly hostile attitude to gays and lesbians is probably an understatement but attitudes in Krakow are a little more tolerant than in most Polish cities but this accolade in a very conservative minded country s not difficult to award. That said local clubbers are friendly and most clubs have a very good atmosphere.

Krakow Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys: 

Plastic, Krakow ul Berka Joselewicza 21c Kazimierz  – The brainchild behind Kitsch have hit another home run with this outrageously camp venue. Clubbers who were left disgruntled after witnessing the evolution of Kitsch in to a hetero friendly establishment have a new place to call home. Its currently one of the City’s hottest Gay nights out. The highlight of the week must be their Electro Candy Nights. Its a club which is hard to find and so be sure of exactly where you’re headed before you leave the front door. Open 12 pm till 3 am. website

Blue Bar Club, Krakow ul Dietla 85 tel no: 48-12-4112116 – This modern looking and discreet venue is an idyllic destination for ”Cruising”. Some found Blue a little too sleazy but you should know what to expect before you get here. Situated in the centre of Town, Blue’s futuristic Lighting system exudes an exciting atmosphere. They have a nice variety of alcohol including interesting cocktail’s and lethal Vodka shots. It is usually full of young and virile men looking to indulge in extra curricular activities. They are open 24 hours on Sunday’s. website n/a

Ciemnia, Krakow ul Krowoderska 31 – Ciemnia is a steamy, centrally located venue which has garnered a reputation for hot man on man action over the years. The music is primarily House and Dance oriented. It’s arguably the city’s premiere Gay haunt and has suitable facilities for its adventurous clientele. The decor is very modern and the crowd are fun loving. Entry fee is about 5 PLN.   open 6 pm till 2 am Sun-Thurs and Fri/Sat  6 pm till 5 am.


7 Club, Krakow SW Filipa 7 Tel no: 012-631-9500 -  7 Club is steeped in history and still stands as the city’s oldest Gay/Lesbian nightclub. There is plenty of entertainment that takes place here in the form of Drag Queen acts and Strippers. Cruising is known to take place here but casual sex is not as rampant as at other places such as Blue Bar. Drinks are well priced and the vibe is generally very positive. Admission is generally free. Opening hours are  6 am to 2 am on Sun-Thurs and  6 am till 5 am on Fri/Sat. website n/a

Kitsch, Krakow ul Wieolopole 15/4 Old Town -  Kitsch is one of the best known Gay Clubs in Poland.  At one time almost all of the clientele were Gay, Lesbian and transsexuals but in recent times straight clubbers have also popped by at Kitsch to continue an after hours party. Dance, House and Techno beats are the main musical genres showcased at Kitsch.  Even if you turn up at 4 am you are likely to be let in served by their hospitable staff. The dance floor is full of charismatic and camp party-goers. The door staff have been accused of abrasive behaviour and trying to run the club rather than the owners. Drink is cheap and entry fee is somewhere between 10 and 20 zl. Open from 7 pm till the last customer leaves. website

For Girls:

Rece i Nogi, Krakow ulica Szewska 14 – Rece is one of the newest hotspots on the Lesbian/Gay scene. It has a large percentage of Lesbian customers, both butch and feminine types. It is Gay friendly as well and plays  mostly chill out and popular Dance Tunes. A small beer will set you back around  7 PLN.  Open 6 pm till Midnight during the week and 6 pm till 2 am on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Admission is free. website

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