Moscow Gay Clubbing Guide  Gay Clubs in Moscow

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Overview Gay Club Scene In Moscow

The Gay Scene in Moscow is far from thriving. There are not many clubs for gay locals and tourists to choose from, but the ones that do exist tend to provide the customer with a fun and relatively cheap night out.  Predominately hetero club Propaganda has a gay night every Sunday  when they host their well renowned China Town Gay Parties. 12 Volt and Tri Obzeyani are probably the city’s most buzzing Gay/Lesbian club nights.

Most natives still frown upon the Gay lifestyle in an ignorant fashion due to outdated Soviet teachings and misinterpretations of religions  Still even if an antiquated attitude towards homosexuality still exists,  in  a city where money talks louder than anything else you can still indulge in any pleasure you so desire if it benefits this city’s economy.

Moscow Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

Gifts of the Sea, Moscow Mal Gnezdnikovsky per Tverskoy Metro stop is Pushkinskaya = This smokey, slightly dingy Gay Bar has a real Underground vibe about it.  It has an authentic Soviet atmosphere  with inexpensive beer and spirits. The clientele consists mainly of mature regulars who are keen on forging new relationships. The music is predominately Gay pop and Dance anthems. Open daily from 2 pm till Midnight. Entry is free of charge. website n/a

Tri Obezyani New Age, Moscow Nastavnichesky per 11/1 – Tri Obezyani is arguably Moscow’s biggest Gay Night club. Many queer favourites such as glamorous Drag Queens and male Go-Go dancers provide the outlandish entertainment. The majority of their clientele are well dressed and fashion conscious. They have a large dance floor where excitable party-goers boogie to Gay Disco and Dance anthems. A beer should cost you about 6 Euro’s which doesn’t represent great value for money.  Open 10 pm till 7 am Thurs-Sun and admission is free or up to 300 Rubles. website


Body And Soul Chance,  Moscow 19a ul Kuusinena Northwest of the City Centre – Body and Soul is a sizeable and decadent venue which fosters Soviet Gay liberation. It’s a huge venue which offers its customers a wide range of entertainment. This chic setting has two dance floors one geared towards Euro Pop Music and the other dedicated to the Techno scene. This is a hetero and Lesbian friendly place but their mysterious dark room is strictly men only.  Their Opening hours are  10 pm till 6 am on Fri/Sat.  The Cover charge is between 150 and 300 Rubles. website

12 Volt Club, Moscow 12 Tverskaya Ulitsa - Volt Club is one of the City’s longest running and popular Lesbian/Gay nights out. 12 Volt has many attractions , one being that it’s open every day of the week and another being that admission is free. They possess an official UN certificate which certifies 12 Volt as the best Gay club in the Russian capital. A club card will give you discounts on their already cheap alcohol. Its an exuberant venue with Live DJ’s and fun filled, camp themed nights. They host camp Karaoke evenings and Gay film screenings.  Opening times are  6 pm till 6

Central Station MSK Club,  4 Yuznhy Proezd – This is the home of Russian kitsch, opened back  in 2003.  The design is aesthetically pleasing and it’s worth a try if only because it’s one of the few Gay/Lesbian clubs in the city. They have topless, Hunky DJ’s performing here including queer celebrity, DJ Milk. The door staff and waiting staff have been known for offhand and damn right rude behaviour. Open 9 pm till 6 am. Entry fee varies from nothing at all  to 10 Euro’s. website

For Girls:

There are no lesbian only clubs in Moscow that we are aware of,

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