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Paris Gay Cubbing Overview

The Paris gay and lesbian scene in Paris is amongst the best in Europe. Gay clubs in Paris gay are plentiful and thriving concerns. The gay scene here is very vibrant  and it’s music offerings are very diverse with nights often hosted by renowned and respected DJ’s from all over Europe  Many clubs are open through out the week and these ones often stage live acts and shows. Paris Clubs are not cheap though with admission prices of up to 25 Euro’s. especially at weekends. It is easy to party until 8am at weekends if you can afford up to 10 euro’s for a drink.

Paris Gay Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys

Banana Cafe, 13 Rue De La Ferroienre – Banana is one of the French capital’s longest running Gay bars and has been a social hub for the gay community since 1990. The decor is unusually bright and tropical which some may find vulgar.  On Saturday nights the men are in for a real treat with a line up of muscle-bound Male  Gogo dancers.  There is an exuberant atmosphere in Banana and is often considered the home of Gay pride in Paris. The venue is rather small with a maximum capacity of around 50 people.  Banana is full of flamboyant characters who come to groove to Techno and House tunes. Open 5 5 pm – 5 am, Monday to Sunday. website
Bear’s Den, 6 Rue des Lombards – Bear’s Den is the ideal bar for Parisians and Tourists alike who wish to indulge in ”Cruising”. There is a raunchy dark room which has produced many steamy tales down the years. There’s bears , bigger bears and people admiring hairy Beefcakes.   Monday’s and Tuesday’s are supposedly renowned for rampant orgies between older men. There is a smokey terrace and the predominate musical genre is Dance. Open Monday to Sunday 4 pm – 2

Cox, 15 Rue des Archives – Cox is a loud, pink Gay bar situated in the Centre of the Marais District. The fashionable look amongst the crowd here is crew cuts, jean’s and T-shirt’s  and it can get extremely congested particularly between the hours of 7 and 9 pm. They specialise in Beers and wines which are moderately priced.  Opening hours are 1 pm- 2 am every day. Most of the guys in there are welcoming and the age range is from 20 to 40 years
Eagle Paris, 33 Rue des Lombards – Eagle London were so overwhelmed by their success that they opened an Eagle in Paris too. Eagle is a little on the flashy side which has caused some down to earth clubbers to give it an unfavourable review. The music is mostly commercial and mainstream House and Techno. Their happy hour for Beer extends to 11 pm which is rather kind of them. There are several different themed nights including the Gay and Lesbian favourite, The ”Tea Dance”. Opening hours are 6 pm – 4 am Sun-Thurs and  6 pm to 6 am on Friday and Saturday. website
Le Duplex , 2 Avenue Foch, Marais – Duplex is a preferred destination for clubbers who are a little more laid back. This all-embracing establishment  has a popular bowling  alley upstairs, a restaurant and hosts weekly fashion shows. Like many Gay clubs the soundtrack is provided largely by House and Techno tracks from some of the City’s finest DJ’s. Be wary that some clubbers have been turned away by the selective and aggressive door staff for no apparent reason. The exaggerated entry fee can be as high as 25 Euros. open daily from 8 pm – 2

Red Light at 34 rue du Départ Paris 15 Telephone 01 427 99453 (nearest metro Montparnasse Bienvenüe) is a gay friendly club playing house techno and trance to a young clubbers. Club often has guest DJ’s from other parts of Europe. Club opens on Friday & Saturdays from midnight until 11am.Admission generally around €25 with drinks about €10. Well heeled but down to earth crowd rare  website n/a

Le Depot, 10 Rue Aux Ours, tel no: 33- 1 44 54 96 96  (Metro stop is Etienne Marcel)   Le Depot is a notorious night club known as a haven for a section of Paris’s burgeoning Homosexual community. Some of the City’s most influential Gay DJ’s come to Depot to play a set consisting mainly of disco and dance music over three large floors. Depot is renowned for being a ”Cruising ” spot for men who maybe looking to indulge in  adventures with strangers. No doubt the steamy backrooms of the venue have played host to a wild liaison or two. Entry fee is 8.50-12.50 Euros and the opening hours are Monday to Sunday 2pm till 8 am. website n/a
Raidd Bar, le Marais, Rue Du Temple, ( Metro stop is Hotel De Ville) Raidd bar one of Paris’s most infamous gay night clubs. Raidd is inspired by the ”Splash” nightclub in New York but most who have been to both clubs seem to prefer the experience they had in Splash. The club is home to the muscular male Go Go dancers who take a shower in front of their adoring public. The club has always been associated with Gay Pride and liberation in Paris. Certain customers felt the crowd as not as friendly as some of the other Gay venues in the city and  a few members of their staff have been  known to possess an attitude problem. 5-9 pm is happy hour for cocktails and mixed drinks. The busiest nights are Saturdays and Raidd is open daily from 5 pm till 4

The longstanding Queen Club at 102 av des Champs-Elysees Paris 8 Telephone 01 538 90890 (nearest metro George V) plays a broad range of music seven nights a week with some nights devoted to a specific  The club opens from 11pm – 5am on Mondays, from midnight-6am on Tuesday Wednesday & Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturdays its midnight until 8am. Has a hardcore of regulars and can get busy even early in the week.  .Admission Charges €15 – €20 with drinks generally €10. website


Alex’s Bar, 2 Rue de Marivaux – Alex’s Bar is a cosy and popular Gay hot spot suited to the more mature party goer. This retro looking bar was named after famous French writer Alexandre Dumas who was indeed born in the  building.  Alex’s is mostly Gay but Lesbian friendly and the majority of their clientele are 40 plus. The owners are helpful and the customers are incredibly forthcoming and sociable. Open daily from 6 pm – 2 am. website

Chez Moune, 54 Rue Jean Baptise Pigalle – Chez Moune is one of the City’s longest running Lesbian Nightclubs. Located in Pigalle’s Red Light district It began life in 1936 as a Women only bar, but in 2009 after being bought by new owners it became Gay and Hetero friendly. The main style of music played by the DJ’s is electro-Rock. Both the Bar and  Door Staff have been accused of being inefficient and ill-mannered.  This club was allegedly frequented by Iconic French singer Edith Piaf back in the 1950′s and 60′s. The clientele is largely  made up of artistic types  and minor celebrities. Opening hours are 11 pm till late Weds to Sat and entry is free. websire
For Girls:
Les 3W Cafe, Rue des Ecouffes – Les 3W Cafe is a Cocktail  bar exclusive to Lesbian clientele.  The decor is breathtakingly beautiful and 3W is situated right in the middle of the Marais district. the name 3W means ”Woman With Woman” and it can’t be any more explicit than that. It’s regarded as a fashionable spot for Lesbians to socialise at. They play a lot of Girlie pop Music such as Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. Open Daily from 5 pm till 2 am.
L’Unity Bar 176-178 Rue St MartinUnity is a relaxed Lesbian bar situated in the heart of Marais. Friday and Saturday nights are best and any men must be accompanied by a female companion. There is a generous happy hour which runs from 4-8 pm every night.  The crowd consists mostly of thirty and 40 something  ”Butch” women. There’s a pool table here if you’re bored of dancing. Alcohol is fairly priced.  Opening times are Monday-Sunday 4 pm till 2 am. website
La Champmesle, 4 Rue 2e Chabanais Tel No: 01-42-96-85-20 La Champmesle is a one of Paris’s premiere Lesbian parties housed in a 300 year old building. The clientele tend to be mature and elegant women who can mingle in laid back surroundings. The ambient music is playing in the background so you can hear yourself conversing with old or new acquaintances. It’s  lavish 1950′s style decor gives the place a nostalgic vibe. They have popular Parisian Cabaret shows which begin at 10 pm and the club is open daily from 4 pm, shutting its doors at Dawn. Every Tuesday they hold Tarot Card Readings and Fortune Telling. website na

Random Bars in Paris

Rouge Passion at 14 rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, Paris 9, (nearest metro St Georges or Pigalle) is, we are told by a good authority, resented by rival bars. This cleverly run bar wants you to come back and willl make sure you have no reason not to. Firstly the food is first class whether you are having a snack at lunchtime or an evening meal. The wine list is extensive and its author knowlegeable. The prices at around €20 for a evening meal and €5 for a glass of of good wine put other bars in the ‘also’ ran category Probably one of the best priced quality bars in Paris.Open luchtimes Monday – Friday Midday – 3pm. In the evenings its open Tuesday – Saturday from 6pm until 1am website

Le Bar Dix at 10 rue de l’Odéon Paris 6 (nearest metro Odéon) is an unassuming long established old world bar that has a rare intimacy about it. Its famous for its home-made some what potent sangría and usually busy. Average Prices/ Open nighty from 6pm -l 2am. Refreshing as bars like this are practically extinct in western europe.

Le Motel at 8 passage Josset Paris 11, Telephone 01 583 08852 (nearest metro Ledru-Rollin) is best described as a music bar. It has no single genre but it has some pretty aware DJ’s with a capacity to succesfully mix motown rock and indie which is no mean feat. Drinks prices are around €7 but half price in extended happy hours in the early evening. Attracts a local crowd. Open from 7pm -1.30am Tuesday – Sunday. Editorial Comment Ring in the summer to check its open as historically it closes for holidays in late July and August

Irish Pubs In Paris

Paris has quite a few Irish Pubs, the best and most authentic being the Guiness Rock Tavern at 31bis, Rue des Lombards, Telephone 01 423 32645 (nearest metro Chatelet) Open from 7pm to 6am. On a similar par The Freedom And Firkin at 8 Rue Berri Telephone 01 428 92347 (nearest metro George V). Also worth a mention is Corcorans Irish Pub 28, Rue Saint-André des Arts Telephone 01 404 69746 Open from 11am -2am.

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