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Overview Gay Club Scene In Tallinn

Tallinn is not blessed with a wealth of gay and lesbian venues. There are only a few places on offer for queer clubbers. Homophobia is still a serious issue in Tallinn. The old and ignorant Communist belief is that homosexuality is some sort of transmissible disease. Homosexuality was illegal in Estonia up until 1992 which may give you some insight in to why there is a severe lack of nightlife available to  Tallinn’s Gay/Lesbian community.Despite Tallinn’s  outdated views on homosexuality, its gay Club scene is far more burgeoning than that of some of it’s neighbours.

Tallinn  Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

Ring Club, Juhkentali 11 Tatari – The aptly named Ring Club is a steamy, erotic affair. It is arguably the only Gay sex club in the whole country and has a men only policy. Located conveniently close to the city centre Ring Has a Pornographic Video Room,  a sex shop and private rooms for  a spot of ”Cruising”.The hottest nights are on Monday’s and Tuesday’s when many Roman orgy’s are rumoured to have taken place. Women are only allowed in On Friday nights. They have themed nights where male adonis’s have the opportunity to display their muscular bodies in outrageously risque outfits. If you are on the hunt for a lewd liaison then there is no doubt that Ring is the best place in the city. Open late from 6 pm till 6 am.website  http://www.ringclub.ee/eng/index.htm

Club 69, Tallinn Sakala 24 10141 - Club 69 is a no holds barred Gay Sauna. You can  take a break from everyday stresses in one of their soothing Jacuzzi’s whilst you sip cocktails and converse with old and new buddies alike. The place has a pleasant, almost exotic vibe about it. Open from 4 pm till 8 am. They are said to sell poppers and 69 has garnered a reputation for rampant group sex. 69 is home to Gay Bisexual and Transsexual men. website  http://www.club69.ee/
Kapp, Vana Posti 8 Muurivahe 1 = Kapp is one of Tallinn’s most notorious destinations for Gay club creatures. Kapp is located right in the middle of the Old Town. The club’s design is renowned for its beauty and modernity. Kapp has been described as a  ”Utopia” for Tallinn’s Gay community. Kapp has hidden areas where men are free to indulge in extra curricular activities. Open from 5 pm till late every day of the week. website http://www.Kapp.ee


X Baar, Tatari 1 Tallin – X  baar is a highly regarded Gay hotspot. It’s one of the friendliest gay Bars you are ever likely to come across in the Baltic. They have three sizeable floors and X is also Lesbian friendly. There’s an all round great vibe about this old haunt. There’s a billiard table for those who fancy shooting some stick. The service is generally welcoming and efficient but a select few found some of the female staff to be less than charming. Opening hours are 4 pm till 1 am during the week, 2 pm till 3 am on Fri/Sat and 2 pm till 1 am on Sunday’s. website http://www.xbaar.ee/

G-Punkt, Parnu munt 23 Tatari Tallinn –  G-Punkt is one of the longest running Gay clubs in the city. It’s a decadent venue which entices fun loving Gay and Lesbian clientele. G-Punkt is largely frequented by Tallinn’s Russian community. Not the most neighbourly joint for English speaking tourists. Alcohol is reasonably priced. They are renowned for some bizarre door policies.  Open on Friday’s and Saturday’s from 10 pm to 6 am. website http://www.gpunkt.ee/

For Girls: 

There are no lesbian only clubs in Tallinn that we are aware of

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