Vilnius Gay Clubbing Guide Gay Clubs in Vilnius

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Overview Gay Club Scene In Vilnius

Vilnius has very few offerings for Gay and Lesbian clubbers. The homosexual community are in the early stages of establishing a club scene for themselves. It’s one of those Baltic countries which still preaches intolerance of homosexuality. Gay’s and Lesbians are told to withdraw from public affection and so this has made Vilnius create it’s own underground, gay with scant options for the non-Heterosexual’s of the city.

 Homosexuality was only legalised in 1993 by the Lithuanian government.  Anti-Gay demonstrations are still common place in this country which is still suffering from the  effects of it’s homophobic Soviet heritage. The few Gay Lesbian venues which are available have gained notoriety for their decadent nights.

Vilnius Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys:

Soho Club, Svitrigailos Street Vilinus 7/16 Soho is one of Vilnius’s Premiere Gay/Lesbian party nights. It’s a trendy and tolerant venue which holds naked twister parties for its promiscuous clientele as well as Gaydar Party nights. The staff and clientele are generally amiable.  The music is mostly retro pop tunes from the  1980′s and 90′s. the notorious act of ”Cruising” is known to take place at Soho. Drinks are very well priced and the club is packed to the rafters on most nights. Open 10 pm till 7 am. Entry fee is usually about 20 LT. website


X Men’s  Factory Nightclub Sevcenkos g. 16 10 Korpusas Vilinus X Men’s  Factory is a glamorous and spacious  nightclub which  began life as a strictly Gay venue but has become straight friendly over the years. Bolshie and flamboyant Drag queens are known to frequent the factory.  Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are  Men only nights and it can more than a bit   raunchy in there. Infamous Lithuanian DJ Zee Ziggy plays regular sets here of Minimal Techno and Underground Music.

There are live sex shows  and outlandish bar stools moulded to  the shape of the male member.  They also have a delectable food menu. Drink prices are a little on the extortionate side. Open Weds-Sat till late. website

For Girls:

There are no lesbian clubs in Vilnius that we are aware of.

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European Gay Clubbing Guide - Gay / Lesbian Clubs In Europe