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Overview Gay Club Scene In Warsaw

Unfortunately much of Poland is still getting to grips with the idea of homosexuality. It is a predominately Roman Catholic country which has frowned upon homosexuality for many years, but  has started to become a little more liberal in recent times.  There is not a plethora of Gay and Lesbian nightlife options in Warsaw, but as listed there are a few good places worth checking out.

Warsaw Gay & Lesbian Club Guide With Club Reviews

For Guys: 

Fantom, Warsaw ul.Bracka 20a [entrance through the Courtyard] – Fantom is the city’s longest running Gay club. You need to ring the buzzer on the right hand entrance and go down to the stairs to access their steamy sauna. They have a small bar area playing Gay Friendly tunes.  which leads to a dingy looking Jacuzzi and their mysterious dark room.  Gays on the look out for Gay sauna’s need look no further than Fantom
Alternatively there is a left hand entrance which leads to a more down to earth and fully clothed bar. Its’ a predominately Gay venue with men in their twenties and thirties making up the clientele. Opening hours are 2 pm till 2 am.  2 pm till 5 am on Fri and Sat and Sunday 6 pm till 5 am. No entrance fee.website http://www.fantomwarsaw.com/
Queer, Warsaw rynek Starego Miasta 1/3  Queer is an outlandish and stereotypical Gay Night club with pink flags, heart shaped cushions and disco balls all contributing to the camp party atmosphere. The clientele consists of young men who are not adverse to a strenuous session in the local Gym. These men are very confident and and on the prowl for adventures with other young and fit like minded men. Drinks are well priced and the music is predominately Disco and Gay anthems. Opening times are 6 pm to 1 am during the week and  6 pm till 4 am on Fri and Sat.website http://www.queer.com.pl/
Lodi Dodi, Warsaw ul Wilcza 23 – This small yet popular queer hangout has three bars which are narrowly squeezed in to the club.  The crowd here are very relaxed and the real saucy stuff takes place down stairs. There is a large cruising room with Hardcore Videos setting the tone for a night of orgasmic indulgence. Open 6 pm till Midnight daily  A bottle of beer should cost you around 3 Euro’s. Free admission website http://www.lodidodi.pl/en
Galla Warsaw ul. Ptasia 2 – Galla is one of Warsaw’s most intimate Gay hot spots. They have private showers, a sweltering steam room, bar area with smooth background music and a pitch black Labyrinth  for voyeuristic Liaisons. Galla is strictly men only on most days with the exception of Sundays when curious couples and Lesbian customers are also welcome. Drinks are reasonably priced and the music is mostly commercial Dance music played by their resident DJ’s. Opening hours are  2 till 11 pm, 2 pm till 1 am on Friday, Saturday , Midday till 1 am and  Midday till 11 pm on Sunday’s. No info on entrance fee. website http://www.saunagalla.pl/


See Galla above on Sundays

Galeria Warsaw pl. Mirowski 1 [Hala Mirowska] – Galeria may well be Warsaw’s premiere Gay venue. There are a whole host of dance floors  and plenty of cheap Vodka being consumed. They host regular Drag queen entertainment.  Some of the most outrageously flamboyant characters frequent Galeria and  the positive vibe is very much straight friendly. They often hold Karaoke nights with wannabe singers belting out gay favourites such as Gloria Gaynor’s ” I will Survive”. Open Tues-Sun 8 pm till 5 am. Entry fee is cheap at about 3 Euro’s.website  http://www.clubgaleria.pl/

For Girls:

We are not aware of any soley Lesbian clubs in Warsaw

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